Technology development

Based on our experience we can offer you the following:

The construction of swimming pools

Basins and swimming pools are made of concrete pumped trofrakcijskog MB 30 with extras adetiva against sagregacije, adetiva for superplastifikaciju, adetiva for waterproofing, because of the complicated installation and adetiv retarder for the setting of concrete waste, and if necessary, with a low fever and adetiv antifreeze. Adetive use of a reputable company “Sika”. Concrete is made and adetivi added to the concrete base. The price includes:

Transport concrete mixers, concrete pump installation, all types of metal plating “Faresin”, cutting, bending and installation of fittings, and all the work around the armature assembly and dismantling of formwork and placing concrete.

Concrete is installed on all existing regulations to require the use vibroigli.

The floor and walls of the pool shell Lee uninterrupted casting – suddenly, waterproof shell, which contributes to the pool.


Development of mechanical rooms on the same principle as the pool shell.


We produce and have in stock molded coping of concrete coated with polyurethane VDP antikliznom color as desired investors if it fits into your architectural solution. Price per meter.


- The cost of making shells machine sale does not include earthworks that. excavation, loading and transportation of the country.

- Filling of the purchase of crushed stone to the desired compressibility module MS 20

- Production lean concrete over gravel 6-10 cm in thickness as the substrate for the pool shell.

- Development of drainage around the pool as needed and depending on the storm sewers, underground water, etc..

price of earthworks to form a spot because of the excavation (by hand or machine), accessibility of trucks, dump distance, etc..

For questions, technical konsutacije, design, practical advice, we are willing to come to the site or call us.

Note: The quality of the works warranty.